You and your team can start getting value out of mudstack without having to import all your assets right away. By now,

✅ you should know your way around mudstack, and

✅ you've set up your workspace and imported some assets.

We recommend picking a small project or a sprint to test mudstack with, and begin by:

☑️ Importing some assets you are actively working on,

☑️ Putting them in an appropriate library, and

☑️ Adding some tags that make sense to how your team already tends to organize information.

☑️ Then, invite a few teammates that you would like a review from.

Once they have joined your workspace, you can simply share the URL of the asset you want reviewed and give them a chance to add their feedback.

<aside> ⚡ Coming soon: we're working on the ability to request a review from a specific teammate(s) so that they get notified when they log in. Let us know how you would like this feature to work by sharing your feedback!



3. Account management


5. Desktop app