What are accounts?

Accounts are the containing units for workspaces and belong to users. An account can have any number of workspaces within it as long as the total storage used by the workspaces is within the limit for the account type. Free accounts have a lower storage limit than professional accounts, and both account types gain storage based on the number of collaborators.

Free (personal) account

When you sign up for mudstack you are automatically granted a free, i.e. personal account. This account is on our Starter plan. Every collaborator on the account adds 10GB of storage to the account. Free accounts have a few limitations:

To get these features, you can upgrade your account by creating a Professional Account

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 3.28.22 PM.png

This process will allow you to import workspaces from your personal account if you desire.

Accepting account invite

Users can invite other users to join their accounts to view their workspaces and libraries from the navigation side bar.

Upon receiving an invite, click your nav bar, and accept an invitation from a colleague to join their account by clicking the join account button.

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 5.24.19 PM.png

Professional accounts

Professional accounts fall under our Indie plan (more plans coming soon!) and have professional features such as: