Do you enjoy using Git/Subversion/TortoiseSVN or any other version control system as an artist? We didn't think so, because they're not built for you.

How to version control in mudstack

Version control in mudstack is easy— simply upload new versions by dropping them onto the page while in the Versions view of any asset. For more details, see here.

From this view, you can easily edit the name and description of any version to share more context with your team about what changed. You can also delete incorrect versions and set any version as the current version by clicking Set current. This ensures that when anyone downloads the asset from mudstack, they are always downloading the current (and therefore correct) version.

No more back and forth about where the current version is!

Local Version Control

How does mudstack save versions?

mudstack keeps track of your local saves and overwrites so you can keep your working folders clean and organized. We cache all of your saves in a version store so you can recall them at any time.

Whenever you save a file, a compressed copy is moved to the version store. If a file is ever written over, it will also send a version to the version store.

iteration can be recalled in the app

<aside> 👉 Mudstack needs to be running for this save old versions. Feel free to turn on Minimize on Close and Start Automatically to keep mudstack running in the background to track your changes.



See Version history

You can see the version history by inspecting any asset in a directory on mudstack, then clicking the Versions button in the right sidebar.

The highlighted button on the left opens the versions tab.

The highlighted button on the left opens the versions tab.


Viewing a version

Preview shows the file within the mudstack app for a quick visual on the different version

Open will attempt open the file in the default app defined by your OS and preferences.


Managing versions

Edit will allow you to change the name and description of a version.

Delete removes the selected version of that file.