<aside> 👉 In our opinion, the traditional art review process in game studios is broken. Feedback from key stakeholders often comes late and at the end of a work cycle, which means that a lot of effort gets wasted as this feedback needs to be incorporated.


mudstack gives you the ability to have your work continuously reviewed because stakeholders can jump in and inspect files right in the browser.

Not having to spend hours cumulatively trying to find, download, open and inspect files in their various creation suites means that stakeholders are finally empowered to make the lives of their artists easier.

Expensive mistakes can be caught and fixed early in the process, saving everyone massive headaches and keeping projects on track. Win-win!


Commenting on files

Keeping all feedback related to a file tightly integrated with the file gives everyone on your team clear insight into how, why and when certain changes were made. Commenting on a file is easy— hop on over to the timeline and start a review or leave a comment just type your comment and click Leave a comment.



What can I add to a comment?

All comments are tied to specific file versions, so you can give more precise feedback on any version on a file

Mention another user by @ing them. They’ll receive a notification when you post the comment.


Add attachments by drag & drop, copy & paste from screengrabs, or clicking the attachments button

Click Start a review to request changes or approve a file version

File Approval

Review Status

Track a file’s review process in one place with the review tab.

At the top of this page, a list reviewers and their review type are quickly visible

Cancel a review request by clicking the cancel button to the right of “Awaiting review”

Set what version you are requesting a review of with the version dropdown next to the reviewer.


Requesting changes

Do you want to see some changes in an asset that you are reviewing? Click Request Changes in the comment box and your comment automatically changes to a Change request. This will display the Change request icon on the file details page and on the search views.

Assign a specific user to the Change Request with the assign dropdown.

Assigned users will receive a Change Request notification

Subscribed users will receive a notification


Approving files

Similarly, if you like what you see, go ahead and approve the file! Click Approve

Subscribed users will receive a notification on approval